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Welcome to Lab/Cor

Lab/Cor Inc. is an analytical laboratory designed initially as a consortium of scientists. Each scientist brings a multidisciplinary approach to microscopy and microanalysis, providing a rich and diverse experience bank of knowledge with a broad foundation in theoretical background. Formed in July 1992 as the successor to Pinchin Harris Holland Associates, Inc., Lab/Cor continues to provide the scientific community with its expertise in electron microscopy and microanalysis.

Recent News


In an effort to reduce our environmental impact , we are now implementing paperless reporting and invoicing to clients. Electronic reports and invoices allow clients to receive Final Results in real time as well as allowing the client to electronically archive the results for future retrieval.


Final reports and invoices will be emailed only to the project managers and accounts payable department noted on the Chain of Custody. If you wish to receive a hardcopy by mail, please request so through the appropriate Customer Service Department. We hope you will work with us in striving towards a healthier and environmentally sound future.